We talked to 'The Handmaid's Tale' showrunner Bruce Miller about that Season 2 finale

We would be very happy if our show was irrelevant. I would do anything to make the show, in this case, much less prescient, much less relevant. But we are human beings and citizens and people who read the news before we’re writers, because that’s what you try to bring into the room. And we’re just as shocked as anybody else when something from our show shows up in the newspaper. But on the other hand, as we’ve said a lot of times, we don’t do anything in the show that doesn’t happen in the world. So things happening in the world and things moving and happening in America just means we’re catching up, sadly, to some of the bad things in the world, which is not the direction we want to be going. We try to think of it as citizens and human beings and friends and members of society, and then think about, “Oh, OK, well, what does this mean in terms of our show?”