2018 Emmy Nominations: Everything to know before Thursday's big announcement

Nicole LaLiberte and Kyle MacLachlan appear in a scene from “Twin Peaks.” (Suzanne Tenner / Showtime)

I want to say first that I find the Emmys nonsensical. Giving out trophies for something as various and impossible to quantify as creative work seems to me not just silly, but actually inimical to creativity, which does not need your stinking badges and, indeed, suffers when it strives to win them. Nevertheless, I offer these names, which might as easily be (many) others, in the spirit of spreading the love.

Comedy series: “Detectorists” (Acorn TV). Written and directed by and starring Mackenzie Crook, this beautiful pastoral comedy —  set around metal-detecting hobbyists searching for Saxon gold and spiritual connection — makes a song out of the present and past, what changes and what remains.

Drama series: “Twin Peaks: The Return” (Showtime). Superbly unaccountable, the extremely belated, happily inconclusive third and final season of David Lynch’s Northwest noir supernatural comic melodrama was a show in which you not only never knew what would happen next, but how it would happen – as farce, horror, in color or black and white, a tribute to Georges Méliès, or something made by people who had never worked a camera before.